Saturday, March 19, 2016

Two Unconnected Related Thoughts

Located between a strip club and an abortion clinic is a vital part of my community. A pro-life pregnancy center near and dear to my heart. The San Bernardino Pregnancy & Family Resource Center gives support, information, and guidance to women and families facing unplanned pregnancies. They give free pregnancy tests, they do ultrasounds, they have a points system to earn free baby clothes, diapers, and furniture. They have a post-abortion Bible study (taught by my mom), and they give adoption information and guidance.

When I imagine Squeaks' birth mom thinking about her options after finding out she was pregnant it gives me chills. This world would have accepted an abortion decision, and some may have even praised her for it. But she chose life and placed that life in our hands. That's why I thank God for places like SBPFRC. They not only give pregnant women hope, they give families hope. Families beyond those that seek their services. Their actions ripple into lives beyond anything they can imagine.

The following is going to feel like a completely new topic, but I promise these two thoughts are connected.

I mentioned in my previous post that I now sell children's books. Yes it's a direct sales company but it's not the pushy kind. While I sell their books, Usborne doesn't require any sales quotas, fees, or even that I recruit anyone to join (although I think you'd love it). I can sell at my speed and run it the way I want. I sell books through parties hosted by fellow book enthusiasts. I can have these parties on Facebook or in the host's home. When I started with Usborne I initially thought I'd just stick to Facebook parties. Home shows just reminded me of Tupperware. Then I got started and have come to realize these books are even more amazing than I thought and I really want people to see them in person...but I hate the idea of home shows...but I love these books....but...

So here's where the two thoughts combine. I've decided to host an open house to show off these awesome books and I'm going to use it as an opportunity to support a ministry I love. This will be nothing like a Tupperware party. I will donate 50% of my personal commission to SBPFRC, plus for every $125 in books sold, I'm going to give the center $20 in free books for little ones to enjoy in their waiting room, for them to put in the baby layettes they give away, and for the gift basket they have for new moms. Fun and functional.

Now I know a lot of my readers aren't local and so can't attend the open house, but you can still make a purchase to support my pregnancy center. Just follow this link (Usborne Books Open House for SBPFRC). All purchases made using this link will still count toward the donations. You can browse through the books and, if you'd like, you can even email me and I'll help you find books specific to your kid's interests. Also feel free to contact me with any questions about the pregnancy center.

Thank you in advance!

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