Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Little Dude's First Easter

This is one of my favorite times of the year. The weather is beautiful. Light breezes and scattered rainy days clean away the Southern California smog making the sunny days in between even brighter. Easter Sunday was one of those beautiful sunny days. Perfect temperature. Light breeze. Wonderful family. Celebrating the resurrection of Christ and our eternal salvation through His sacrifice. It just doesn't get any better.Plus it was Little Dude's first Easter!!

In the morning, we enjoyed church as a family. Squeaks just strolls right in to Sunday school like a boss. Doesn't even look back most of the time. She just waves over her shoulder and heads toward the toys and other kids. Little Dude wiggles happily on my lap through service. He loves the music. It still blows my mind that we have two kids.

We spent the rest of the day with family, eating good food, enjoying each others company. Little Dude is a true mamas boy. He spent most of the day in my arms, venturing to family members laps only once in awhile before demanding me back. Squeaks was off with loving relatives from the time we arrived though. She's a social little thing and I'm sure one day her little brother will be the same. This will be the last year Squeaks does the egg hunt in Nana and Papas front yard by herself. Next Easter Little Dude will be 18 months and unstoppable. Crazy to think about! Plus, we had a few weddings in our family this past year, so fingers crossed for cousins soon.
 Enjoying the sunshine while big sister hunts for eggs. He looked so cute in his tiny jeans and button up shirt. Such a little man.
 Happy girl with her basket of eggs. It's so funny to watch the whole family follow her around the yard pointing out hidden eggs.
Both kids were totally worn out by the time we got home. A very good day.

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