Monday, November 2, 2015

One Month (Kinda)

Little Dude is a week away from being two months old (already!?) and I realized I never shared his one month pictures. Gotta keep the tradition alive! Big sister Squeaks wanted in on the action too though. She'll be 22 months next week!! I've started planning her second birthday. It will be on a MUCH smaller scale than her first. More than likely just a family thing. I've decided to go with a "bee" theme. She's obsessed with bees! 

Little dude is growing like a weed. We're dealing with some colic (I'm planning a post on how we're getting through it), but I can tell he'll be a pretty easy baby once he grows out of it. His eyes get bluer every day and his hair never lays flat. After baths it's slightly Christopher Walken-esk. Very fluffy and straight up. It's hilarious. Other than the colic though, he eats well, is growing well, and has even started smiling this past week! 


  1. Happy one or two months little guy!!

  2. He is Josh's clone. So so cute.

  3. That fluffy hair sticking straight up is hilarious. Awesome.


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