Monday, November 23, 2015

Generally Exhausted But Happy

I'm so behind!!! And I really miss blogging on a regular basis but such is life with two under two. I am a very busy lady and postpartum has really kicked my butt. Don't worry, no depression, just....other stuff.

Little Dude is already ten weeks! 

Squeaks will be two in less than two months!

Life is flying by.

At this moment dinner is bubbling away on the stove, my sweet boy is strapped to my chest via sling, and Squeaks is enthralled in her favorite bee-related TV show. As soon as Josh walks in the door we will have dinner and begin our nightly routine of family time, bath time, bed time, and then grown-up Bible time (should Little Dude's colic allow). Life is wonderfully and comfortably predictable at the moment. I am generally exhausted. Josh is  generally exhausted. We are in the early stages of parenthood with all its ups and downs. We test limits and set boundaries daily (testing mostly done by Squeaks). I try to remind myself that when Squeaks asks to be picked up for the millionth time that day or Little dude refuses to be put down, it could be the last time. So I saver the diaper changes, the spit up, the cuddles, the bedhead, and I tell myself to slow down and pay attention. My children are growing and happy, and we are blessed.

A few of my recent favorite pictures. Although it says "gives big smiles" on his board he will rarely smile for the camera. I promise his smile could light a room.

She loves holding him. He doesn't love so much.


She get more beautiful by the day.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween with two kids under two years old means buying costumes the week of and hoping the 22 month-old is willing to wear it. It worked out pretty well. The only part of her bee costume she refused to wear was the headband. Little dude briefly wore his caterpillar costume, but since it was in the high 80s here and his costume was pretty warm, he didn't stay in it long. Kind of a bummer cause it was so cute.

A few days before Halloween we took our annual trip to the pumpkin patch and had a blast picking out mini pumpkins for the kids and taking lots of pictures. 

The day before Halloween, a good friend invited the kids to go "table-side trick-or-treating" at a local retirement home and it was so cute. I'm sure this will be a yearly event now. Watching the little ones interact with the older residents was so sweet. Squeaks got quite the bucket full of candy, however we don't let her eat sugar so I did a stealth snack switch for healthier options and she didn't even notice. She was very happy with her granola bars, crackers, and raisins. 

On Halloween night we went to our church's harvest festival. Squeaks was more interested in the hay bales then in playing many of the games, and Little Dude slept through the whole thing, but it was fun to see all the other costumes.

Overall a very fun start to the holiday season!

One Month (Kinda)

Little Dude is a week away from being two months old (already!?) and I realized I never shared his one month pictures. Gotta keep the tradition alive! Big sister Squeaks wanted in on the action too though. She'll be 22 months next week!! I've started planning her second birthday. It will be on a MUCH smaller scale than her first. More than likely just a family thing. I've decided to go with a "bee" theme. She's obsessed with bees! 

Little dude is growing like a weed. We're dealing with some colic (I'm planning a post on how we're getting through it), but I can tell he'll be a pretty easy baby once he grows out of it. His eyes get bluer every day and his hair never lays flat. After baths it's slightly Christopher Walken-esk. Very fluffy and straight up. It's hilarious. Other than the colic though, he eats well, is growing well, and has even started smiling this past week! 

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