Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Not Your Average First Birthday

The much-anticipated first birthday has come and gone. It was wonderful. And now we have a one year old! Wow.

Like I said, we went to Disneyland on Squeaks' birthday, and had a party the following Sunday. Disneyland was a blast as usual. Squeaks drew attention everywhere she went, smiling and waving at all the people with us in line. It's been four months since our last Disney fix, and even just in that short time there is a very noticeable difference in Squeaks' awareness and attention span. She laughed and clapped on the rides, pointed at things as we passed, and tried her darnedest to stay awake all day to take it all in. She loved it!

I had been preparing for her birthday party for weeks. Slowly making decorations, a little every night. When Sunday finally came, I could honestly say it was exactly what I had hoped for. And it didn't stop with the decorations. The party itself, the guests, the atmosphere, the food, it was all fantastic. I don't think it was your average first birthday party, which is fitting. Nothing about Squeaks is average. From her entrance into our family, to her calm and happy personality. She is incredible. I'm not biased or anything though...

This Christmas my parents wrote a blessing letter to Josh and I that was really special. It gave me the idea to have Josh and I, and both sets of grandparents, write blessings for Squeaks' birthday, and read them at the party. It's a Biblical tradition that I think will now be a family tradition as well. It ended up being one of my favorite parts of the day. Words don't do it justice really so here's video (and I shared our letter in this post). I intend to put all three blessing letters, along with pictures from the day, in a book for Squeaks to read when she's older. I love these kind of keepsakes! 

The amount of love for this little person is overwhelming. I wish you all could have seen it. A house packed with people completely in love with my daughter. It was beautiful. I am forever grateful to our friends and family for their support and for joining with us to celebrate this incredible little girl.

Now for mass quantities of pictures!

Can't go to Disneyland without Minnie ears!
She was super cuddly all day, especially with daddy.
 Party day!!!
Ready for her first birthday! Proud parents and grandparents.
Love the way my "Happy Ever After" banner turned out on the back porch. Squeaks loved Grampy's glasses.
Enjoyed a great baked potato bar!
My friend Renee' made the most amazing mini cupcakes!
Fun in the bounce house.

One of the kids decided they preferred their Legos chilled. Lol! I love the way Josh labeled his cup!
Opening presents! She got a bit distracted so mom did most of the opening, but she loved playing with all her new toys after.
Grandparents reading their blessing letters. I displayed Squeaks monthly pictures above the food table. It was so fun to see them all lined up and compare the differences month to month.
Love our family!

This is what I'm always saying about the paparazzi. This family was baby starved before Squeaks!
She loved her smash cake. She wasn't quite sure what to do with it at first, but she got it after awhile. Here's the recipe I used. Yum!

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  1. Looks like a happy, happy day! What a great first birthday! Happy Birthday, Squeaks! (a tad late...)


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