Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Little Girl

Dear Sweet Daughter,

Your first birthday snuck up on us, but took forever to get here. Every day you are less and less a baby, and more and more a little girl. Watching you grow has been our joy. It feels like both an eternity ago, and also like it was just last week that we were praying and waiting for you to come home. We have loved you since before we knew you, and we love you more by the moment.

This time last year you were held in your birth mother's arms as she made the hardest and most loving decision of her life. She chose us as your parents. God brought you to us through her. You are her child, you are our child, you are God's child, and He has blessed you with unending love. As your parents we also want to bless you.

We pray for you every day, sometimes multiple times. Our prayer is that you always know God. That your relationship with Him grows deeper everyday. When He feels far away, run to Him. When He feels close, and loud, and comforting, cling to Him. Strive for strength, discipline, and honor. Seek joy, peace, and love. Put God first and He will help you, because it won't always be easy. Following Him is not easy, so let Him carry you instead. Whatever hardship you face, trust His plan. Whenever you are impatient, trust His timing. Whatever hopes and dreams you work toward, let Him guide you. We pray that your life is full of joy and laughter. We pray that you know how much you're loved.

Today is your first birthday, and many more will follow. A lot will change, but a lot will stay the same. Your mother will continue to be the emotional, driven, cuddly one, and your father will continue to be the strong, steady, fun one. You will continue to be a blessing to our family, your family will continue to want the best for you, and your Heavenly Father will always love you.

God bless you little girl.


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