Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Shameless Plug

So I just did something pretty exciting. I applied for a job!...Well, a paid internship to be more precise. One of my favorite mommy/healthy living blogs, The Humbled Homemaker, is hiring a virtual assistant intern and I applied! 

The other day she posted an update about some blogging conferences that she's going to be attending soon and she mentioned that she has a virtual assistant. After reading her post I couldn't get the virtual assistant thing out of my head. I actually prayed about it later that night. And then this morning when I woke up I saw her Instagram feed had an announcement about the internship. I nearly jumped out of my skin! I quickly went over to her Facebook page and applied. I don't think I've applied for a job in about six years. This is a great opportunity though. It would help us take a little sting out of our remaining adoption costs, and also allow me to stay home with Squeaks. I think I'm perfectly suited for a position like this. Organization makes me crazy happy and I love blogging.

In the application it asked for the URL of my blog. So just on the chance that she actually comes and visits, here I am saying I really want the job Erin!


  1. You would be perfect for it! 😊

  2. How exciting! I know you would do an awesome job!! :)

  3. You've got a great blog, so I'm sure you'd be an asset as an assistant! Good luck!


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