Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!!

Halloween last year was pretty much overlooked in our house. This year is much more fun! Squeaks is going as Mike Wazowski from Monster's Inc.! I know I said I would be making costumes, and in the future I'm sure I will, but when we saw this one at the store I just couldn't resist. She could not be cuter. Yes, I understand Mike is a boy character, but he's my favorite, and at this age kids are doomed to dress up as whatever their parents want. I put a green bow on one of her horns, so it's okay. Haha! Josh and I went back and forth on what we should dress up as, but couldn't ever decide. So we're going as first time parents!! We're gonna head over to our church's harvest festival and people-watch all the great costumes. Other than that, it'll be a quiet, but very happy night. Hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween!

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