Sunday, October 12, 2014

31 and Awesome

I'm married to a 31 year old! We're and stuff.

Josh is super hard to buy for. Actually hard doesn't even cut it. He's nearly impossible to buy for. So this year he opted to skip a birthday gift from me in order to save up for a fancy pants Oppo bluray player. So I didn't even get to wrap a present for him! It made me feel like an awful wife...and how I feel on Josh's birthday is what matters, right!? So, I guess this year he wasn't hard to buy for at all. :)

After diner out the night before, on his actual birthday we decided to drive down to Balboa Park and visit a few of the museums and gardens. We got a slightly late start so we got there with only a few hours to spare before the majority of the museums closed. We decided on the Automotive Museum. It was smaller than one would hope and slightly overpriced in my opinion, but had some super cool cars. Next we visited the Air and Space Museum which was also featuring a Ripley's Believe It Or Not exhibit. I actually enjoyed the Ripley's exhibit more, but that's just me. And wouldn't-ya-know-it, my phone died and I couldn't get any pictures. We enjoyed both museums and both were very much up Josh's alley. 
Josh's favorite was the black Lotus Elise and mine was the pretty red Lead Sled.

Josh enjoying the fascinating world of shock absorbers. I did think it was pretty cool seeing some of the original prices on the cars. 1931 Cadillac for $3,450?! Yes please. 

Balboa is a beautiful place. Incredible architecture. It seemed to be a popular place for wedding pictures. While we were there we saw at least five sets of brides and grooms, and possibly a quinceanera (she looked very young). The sidewalks were also quite the theological cornucopia. At one end of the park was a tent promoting conversation on atheism. I stood watching their booth for a moment, contemplating, firstly the irony on organized atheism, and seconding, the signage they had chosen to draw people in. One read "There is no hell. There is no heaven. Relax. Enjoy your life." The second sign read "God didn't create the world...and she's not going to clean it up." Hmmmmmm. I don't know about you, but the first sign does not "relax" me. I could get much deeper on the subject (and you're free to ask me more in a private message), but suffice to say, I find satisfaction in the justice of Hell, and great peace in the gift of Heaven. Just sayin'. The second sign almost made me laugh. Really!? I hope I'm not the only person seeing the blatant contradiction (and "she"?!). Just a little farther down was a tarot card and palm reader. He did not look like he was making much money at it. Must not have taken the time to look into his own future. And then, at the end of the walkway was the "Jesus" booth. One of their largest signs read "Jesus Christ is your savior, not a swear word." Another said "You MUST accept Jesus as your savior." While both signs are...true...kinda, out of all the beautiful promises, pure love, hope in adversity, and eternal joy that comes with a life in Christ, these are the signs you choose!? And along with being bland, they're pushy too. Do better people!!

I'm getting a bit off topic...Josh's birthday!
 It really was a beautiful day. A long hot day, where not much went according to plan, but a beautiful day nonetheless. I look forward to going back and spending more time going through the other museums and gardens.

The next day we celebrated with family at Josh's parent's house. We had a barbecue and enjoyed the Jets/Chargers game. We've got diehard fans of both teams in our family so it was pretty fun. I made Josh's birthday cake of course. Although it wasn't quite as cool as last year's cake, the traditional random decorations Josh's parents have been adding to his birthday cakes since he was little added some much needed flare. I also made the invites for his party using the same site I used for our adoption shower invites. I'm pretty proud of them and I think it represents his personality perfectly.
My husband is my best friend. We get super mad at each other, we laugh together all the time, and we try as hard as we can to keep our marriage God centered. He is an awesome dad, husband, and all around awesome person. I wouldn't mind celebrating him everyday.

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