Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sept. Adoption Love Link-Up: Humanity

Hurray for continuing our link up with all the awesome adoption bloggers out there!! Last month's link up included TWENTY fan-flippin-tastic blogs. I am so encouraged by the response to this link up and very humbled by some of your comments about my blog in general. Thank you!! I can not say enough how much I love reading about each of your journeys, and I hope you all received good traffic and responses to your posts on the first month's topic

For those of you new to my blog and link up and have no idea what I'm talking about, visit the Adoption Love Link-Up page at the top of my blog to see the rules and join in by clicking "add your link" (little blue button). 

This month's topic has been swimming around in my head for quite awhile. I've wanted to write a post about this topic before Squeaks even came home, and have just never gotten around to it. It might seem like a semi-broad subject, but that just means we'll have a great variety of responses! Here it is:

How, if at all, has adoption changed your view of humanity (for good or bad)?
(*This topic is closed. Click here for the current topic.)

I fully intend to answer my own question this month (not sure why I didn't last month). However, we just returned home from a week long vacation, and Squeaks' first road trip (which I will also be writing about soon), and I am thoroughly exhausted. So I need to catch my breath, but I am on the edge of my seat with anticipation for your responses! 

To add a little more organization to our link up, if you choose to write about this month's topic, please feel free to email me a link to that particular post (email to joshkrisadopt at gmail dot com). I will include it at the end of each new monthly topic announcement for those readers who missed it during the month. Here is the list of last month's bloggers who  answered our topic question: (If I missed you, PLEASE let me know!)

Nick & Stef's Adoption Journey
Chronicles of an Adoption
We Love St. Patrick's Day
Until Forever
Expecting Miracles
Sweet Dreams are Made of This
The Littlest Brooks-Livingston
Make It Count
Growth Through Adoption

*Remember, the blog list on the link-up page restarts every month also (to keep the blog list current), so don't forget to add/re-add your blog.*

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