Saturday, September 6, 2014

Foodie Baby

We are in the full swing of things with solids now. Squeaks is eating three meals a day. Fruit and yogurt (in small amounts), or fruit with avocado for breakfast, a fruit and veggie for lunch, and meat and veggies for dinner. She's still getting breast milk from our wonderful donors after every meal and as an afternoon snack.

The yogurt and meat are very new additions. After researching both and watching her cues I decided now was the time for a little more protein. I wasn't quite sure about the yogurt at first because I've always heard "no cow's milk before one year". After doing some reading though, I now know yogurt is an exception, and Squeaks would have to eat large amounts of it for the calcium to have any affect on her iron absorption. I buy organic, full fat, plain yogurt from Trader Joe's and add fruit myself. So far the only meat she's had has been turkey and chicken. We're going pretty slow with it. She seems to be more satisfied and full after dinner now, but she's not quite used to the texture the meat adds.

I'm happy to say I've been able to make the majority of her food. She's had a few pre-made jars of fruit from Earth's Best. This is the only brand I've bought so far. I like that it's organic and non-GMO. It's amazingly simple and more cost effective to make baby food though. I thought I'd share a few examples of Squeaks' favorite foods and their costs. Keep in mind ONE 4oz. premade jar at the store is usually $0.99. When I make Squeaks food, everything is organic, and I make enough to freeze as well.

Carrot Zucchini Purée:
One whole bag of carrots (not baby carrots) from Trader Joe's: $0.89
Two large zucchini (one pack at Trader Joe's usually contains four zucchini for $3.00): $1.50
Peel carrots. Cut up carrots and zucchini, and steam together for 15 minutes. Purée in the blender (I use a Vitamix) adding leftover cooking liquid to thin a little. 
Makes six 4oz mason jars.
Total cost: $2.89 ($0.40/jar)

Pumpkin Pear Purée:
Three peeled pears or one can of organic pears (usually easier and cheaper for some reason. I do canned.) : $1.49 (Stater Bros.)
One can of pumpkin purée (carefull not to buy pumpkin pie filling. You can also roast a pumpkin yourself, but I've never tried.) : $2.99 (Stater Bros.)
This ones super easy if you buy canned. Just put everything in the blender with 1/2tsp of cinnamon. Makes six to seven 4oz jars.
Total cost: $4.48 ($0.64/jar)

Spinach Purée:
This one is as basic as it gets. I make a ton of it and add it to other veggies or meat. Squeaks also likes it mixed with applesauce.
One bag of frozen chopped spinach: $1.99 (Trader Joe's)
Steam for about ten minutes and purée in the blinder with a little leftover cooking liquid to thin. 
Makes six 4oz jars.
Total cost: $1.99 ($0.33/jar)

These are just a few of my regularly used recipes. I'm always looking for new flavors and combinations to give Squeaks as much variety as I can. I've also done puréed mango and blueberry, chickpeas, broccoli and green beans, and butternut squash to name a few. I'm really enjoying making Squeaks' food. I feel more confidant knowing exactly what's in it and she seems to prefer homemade. It's satisfying for both of us.

I've also found this book helpful:
The Best Homemade Baby Food on the Planet

This site has some good recipes too:

 * Squeaks has graduated to "real people food"! Click here to see recipes for her favorite finger foods.


  1. I love the recipes! Like I said before I'm working at a children's daycare and i've noticed that Squeaks eating schedule is a bit different then what we're using here in the Netherlands! I thought it was funny to share with you how our eating schedule in the Netherlands looks like :-)

    7.00 am - milk

    9.30 am - fruit (banana, pear, apple) + water

    11.00 am - little pieces of bread first only with butter, later with ham, cheese (spread), organic jam. + water.

    12.30 pm - milk.

    14.00 pm - breadstick + water.

    15.30 pm - yoghurt + water.

    17.00 pm - milk.

    18.30 pm - warm meal + water

    19.30 pm - 1/2 bottle milk

    Sleeping :-)

    I love reading your blog! I think she's sooooo cute! I love to see her growing and she must be a very happy baby with such good parents!!


    1. Very interesting!! How old are the kids you take care of? Thank you for sharing!

    2. In the past I worked @ a babygroup (0-2 years Old) now I'm working @ a toddlergroup (1,5-3 years Old)I was using this eating schedule for a baby who was 8/9 months Old. I'm working @ a daycare for almost 4 years now! I love kids! First I went to school become a teacher. Also i've studied some interresting methods like: how2talk2kids ( And I learned about some educationalists like: regio Emilia and emmi pikler! Do you know them? I hope you will understand my English writing haha. I would love to share some more things with you haha :-)

    3. Never heard of them. I'll have to look into that :). Thanks for the info!

  2. I think a lot of baby food sounds gross, but that looks good! And she looks happy!

  3. Good for you! These sound great. I kept meaning to make baby food and kept ending up buying it. I think I'm going to give these a try :)

  4. Thanks for sharing this! I found a book called "Baby Let's Eat" (amazon link: at a thrift store a while back and can't wait to try it! *A* and I much, much, much prefer food we make ourselves - it tastes so much better, new little tastebuds will appreciate it, too. Good for you guys and thanks again for the recipes!

    1. It really does taste better and I think it's fun to experiment with new flavors. Thanks for the book recommendation!

  5. Replies
    1. That's my mistake. It should say 4oz mason jars (I changed it). I've seen them at Target, Stater Bros., and on Amazon.


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