Saturday, September 27, 2014

First Family Vacation {Part 1}

Last week Squeaks went on her first road trip! We took a little vacation to Santa Rosa and San Francisco to visit family. 
Squeaks did a great job on the drive. Taking a panorama shot in a moving car isn't so easy though.
We started off Friday morning for our eight hour drive to Josh's aunt and uncle's house in Santa Rosa. Yes, that's right, an eight hour drive with an eight month old! I did a little asking around about long drives with a baby so I had a plan. We left around nap time, took enough toys to switch out every twenty minutes or so, and had plans to stop a few times along the way. Squeaks did great! She got a tiny bit cranky on the last hour, but frankly, so did I. Haha!

We arrived in Santa Rosa around dinner time. Josh's aunt and uncle's home is beautiful. Surrounded by trees, a creek and swimming hole in back, putting green in front, quiet and cozy.
Heather and Dusty's house was gorgeous. Josh had fun practicing his golf swing and Squeaks enjoyed all the extra attention.
 Seeing as how we were in the middle of wine country we took a few winery tours. It's an absolutely beautiful part of California, filled with rows and rows of thick colorful grape vines, beautiful forests, and rivers. Cool fog in the morning and clear warm sky's in the afternoon. Squeaks had a perfect view of it all from my Tula carrier

We visited the Rodney Strong winery first. Josh's dad worked there when he was younger so it was a nice trip down memory lane for him. Squeaks drew a tiny crowd of sweet (albeit slightly schnockered) ladies in the tasting room. She smiled and giggled politely as I grinned and gently shielded her from their well meaning excitement.
We got a free tasting since Josh's dad used to work there!
We also visited Francis Ford Coppola's winery. Gorgeous! Complete with swimming pool, film "museum", and exact replica of the gazebo from the Godfather wedding scene.
A winery with a pool, does it get better? Nana Sue even got her afternoon coffee fix.
 Lastly, we toured the Korbel winery and had lunch at their deli. Again, beautiful weather, good food, great company. Squeaks slept through the tour, but woke up with the cutest bed-head ever.
Lunch with the family and a winery tour. Every baby's dream right?!
Josh, his dad, brother, and sister-in-law also got to visit a few breweries they enjoyed while Squeaks, my mother and sister-in-laws, Josh's grandma, and I did a little shopping and cupcake-face-stuffing in Healdsberg, the most idyllic looking little town ever. 
Having fun shopping with four generations of our family!
 We did a ton of driving, but everywhere we went was so beautiful!

Our last day in Santa Rosa included a drive to Bodega Bay. We drove by a few land marks from "The Birds" and then spent a little time enjoying the scenery. The birds there actually were a little strange though. Haha! 
The birds at Bodega Bay were actually kind of friendly. We got some great family pictures, including a sweet one of Squeaks holding grandpa's hand.
We had a wonderful time in Santa Rosa. I'm so glad Squeaks finally got to spend some time with her great-aunt Heather and great-uncle Dusty. We are very grateful that they let us spend a few days with them. 

On to San Francisco! Read part two of our family trip.

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