Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Happy Burglary Day!

My parent's house was robbed.....and it made for a lovely afternoon. 

This morning, a young man of sixteen decided to break into my parent's home while they were at work. Thanks to a security camera, he was caught, all items were returned, and no major damage. A broken window, some overturned drawers, a slight sense of discomfort over having someone in the house you didn't allow. It could have been much worse.

While we wouldn't invite anything like this into our lives, or anyone's lives, I'm almost glad for today. My mom called to tell me what had happened and that she was home cleaning up the mess, so after dropping Squeaks off with Josh's mom, I went over to help. Shortly after, Josh showed up to help as well. I had called to tell him where I'd be and he decided to take the rest of the day off. My dad almost immediately had to go back to work. He's a mail carrier and couldn't leave his truck full of undelivered mail. He would have rather stayed with us. Josh didn't want us woman folk home alone on such a day. We have good men. He swept up broken glass and then got us lunch while my mom and I cleaned up the kitchen. 

There weren't any panicked moments, no crying, no "why me!?" In fact we had fun conversation and laughed quite a bit. With the trials our family has encountered, we have come to see a theme. Everything happens for a reason and sometimes, it even turns out better than anticipated. God can, and generally does, do amazing things with what looks like a difficult situation. Squeaks is a great example. Infertility sucked. The adoption process was long and draining. The end result was AWESOME! 

So this morning, when this sixteen year old boy made the choice to rob my family, it's possible he set into motion something we can't see. Maybe my mom and husband weren't suppose to be at work today. Maybe that young man needed to be caught before he committed a much worse crime (he attempted to take my dad's gun with him). Whatever today did for us or him, it was part of God's plan. Everything, every day, every moment, is accounted for. God does not waste. He's very frugal and at the same time very generous. He's generously frugal. So when I catch myself dwelling on the inevitable parental thoughts about the trials my daughter may face in her life, I must remind myself of God's generous frugality. He generously blessed us with her and He will not waste a moment of her precious life, no matter the choices she makes.

So our family celebrated burglary day! Because if you took the robbery out of it, it was a lovely time spent with one another. 
The window he broke to get in, and Josh cleaning up broken glass (still in his nice clothes from work). The poor puppies were a bit rattled.
 My mom had been hanging on to this as a gift for me. Today seemed appropriate. Although, she was the one who was burgled...we bought her lunch. Happy Burglary Day mom!

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