Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Weekend of Firsts

The fun continued for our family after the Fourth. Squeaks had her first swim in Grandma and Grandpa's pool. We couldn't quite tell what she thought of it. She loves bath time but the pool seemed to confuse her a little. She smiled and squealed a few times after being in for a bit,  but most of the time she looked like she was trying to figure out why so many people were in the bath with her. I'm confident she'll warm up to it though.

Josh decided to extend his holiday weekend and took Monday off so we took Squeaks on her first official trip to Disneyland. I don't count her actual first trip because we only stayed a couple hours and she slept through every ride we went on. This time around she was much more alert. I wish I had gotten more pictures but I was too focused on watching her experience all the new sights. We kept the day slightly short because it was so hot, but we got in a good number of rides and she seemed to enjoy them all. I don't know that I could pick her favorite ride yet. She was pretty wide eyed with amazement at everything. Just walking around the park and letting her see all the activity was fun. We kept hearing her squeal and giggle from her stroller. Even waiting in line was entertaining. We watched her flirt and smile at the other people in line and lots of people stopped to tell us how cute she was. We agreed wholeheartedly.

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