Saturday, June 21, 2014


I think we are raising a nature lover! Squeaks loves being outside. We recently started going on family walks in the evenings when it gets cooler. Strap the girl into the stroller, wrangle all three dogs, and enjoy the scenery. Squeaks loves watching dad walking in front of us with the dogs. She laughs and "talks" as dad gets tangled in the three leashes of our ill mannered  puppies. The first time we went, she even cried when I took her out of the stroller after.

The other day, Josh and I were doing some yard work, so we set out a blanket under our tree and plopped her down with some toys. It was very distracting. We kept stopping to take pictures of her. She sat for awhile, then laid back and watched the tree branches wave over her in the breeze. We both laid down with her for awhile. It was lovely.

I'm looking forward to our first beach trip, and her first time at our family cabin. I look forward to getting one of those kiddy pools and a Little Tikes swing for the porch. I look forward to her picking every flower in the yard and bringing me a bouquet. I look forward to her making mud pies and getting hosed off before coming inside. I look forward to it all, but she can take her time.


  1. She sure is growing up so seeing all the changes...

  2. Oh my goodness, look at those rolls! Love them!


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