Saturday, June 21, 2014


I think we are raising a nature lover! Squeaks loves being outside. We recently started going on family walks in the evenings when it gets cooler. Strap the girl into the stroller, wrangle all three dogs, and enjoy the scenery. Squeaks loves watching dad walking in front of us with the dogs. She laughs and "talks" as dad gets tangled in the three leashes of our ill mannered  puppies. The first time we went, she even cried when I took her out of the stroller after.

The other day, Josh and I were doing some yard work, so we set out a blanket under our tree and plopped her down with some toys. It was very distracting. We kept stopping to take pictures of her. She sat for awhile, then laid back and watched the tree branches wave over her in the breeze. We both laid down with her for awhile. It was lovely.

I'm looking forward to our first beach trip, and her first time at our family cabin. I look forward to getting one of those kiddy pools and a Little Tikes swing for the porch. I look forward to her picking every flower in the yard and bringing me a bouquet. I look forward to her making mud pies and getting hosed off before coming inside. I look forward to it all, but she can take her time.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Big Strong Men

You see a man with a baby resting on a hip he has to lean sideways to make. A man with a flowery diaper bag over his shoulder. A big man talking softly while a small baby pulls at his facial hair. A sleepy man gently rocking a little one in the dim light at the start of a day. A strong man, sweaty from work, bent down to lightly kiss his child's cheek. A busy man whose desk is covered with pictures of a tiny smiling face. I see every man I love. My dad, my father-in-law, my husband. I see manly men.

Neither Josh nor I was raised by our biological fathers. We forget. Biology is meaningless. 

I love my dad beyond words. He's  stubborn, strong, hilarious, enthusiastic, a perfectionist, loving, gentle, and soothing. He hugs tight. He laughs loud. He yells at basketball games. He cries with happiness.  He's my dad. I'm his daughter. 

I love my father-in-law. He's quiet, strong, hard-working, loyal, kind beyond kind, gentle, welcoming, and loving. Always willing to help. Always willing to have fun. Always happy to see you. He raised my dream. He taught Josh how to be a man, a husband, a father, and someday, a grandpa. I am eternally grateful.

I look at my husband, and he makes me want to be the best wife and mother I can. My soul aches to make him the happiest he can be. I love his laugh, his confidence, and his quirks. I even love that he's a bit of a know-it-all. He's my opposite and my perfect match. Watching him with our daughter is pure joy. Making her laugh, tickling her, singing to her. He is in awe of her as she figures out the tiniest things. I love that his phone is full of pictures of her. I love that he looks forward to experiencing new things with her. I love that he'd do anything for her. I love that he sings "Mock ya ing ya bird ya ya ya". I love when he calls her "lovely lady". I love that he thinks she enjoys watching basketball with him. I love that he lets her watch him work out and talks to her the whole time. I love that my big strong man loves my little girl.

Happy Father's Day!

Monday, June 9, 2014

5 Months and 50 Years

This week we flashed back to the 80's and celebrated my mother-in-law's 50th birthday. She was the prom queen at her own 1980's style prom party. It was so much fun to celebrate this awesome woman with friends and family. We all hit the Goodwill thrift stores and got dressed up in bright tacky prom fashions complete with big hair, blue eye shadow, bow ties, and cummerbunds. Squeaks was the perfect 80's baby in her leopard print onesie, purple tutu, and pink leg warmers. Josh went with a Miami Vice look, and my outfit came out slightly Madonna-esk. With fun costumes, good food, 80's music, and a chance to celebrate a fantastic woman, it couldn't have been a better party. Squeaks is so blessed to have such an enthusiastic, fun, and energetic Grandma. I am beyond blessed because I get to be married to the awesome man she raised.

Time is flying! Squeaks is already five months! She had a great time at the party. Although, I'm pretty sure this kid could have a great time watching paint dry. She's always so content. She was as happy as could be getting passed around, being cuddled by friends and family, and posing for pictures. She loved the music which doesn't surprise me because her birth dad is a DJ. She even fell asleep on my lap during the Cupid Shuffle! I thoroughly enjoy taking her to new places and watching her experience new things. You can practically see her personality forming before your eyes. She's wise. I can tell.

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