Friday, April 11, 2014

I Love...

Listening to you breath next to me in the dark.
The squeaky noises you make in your sleep.
Your gas smiles and your real smiles.
Watching your daddy cuddle you.
The way your arms stick straight out when you're startled.
When you fall asleep on my chest.
The feeling of amazement I get when I look at you.
Waking up with you at 2am (not even kidding).
Listening to daddy sing to you. When he doesn't know all the words he adds an air guitar solo. 
When your toes wiggle while you're eating.
When you giggle in your sleep.
The way your eyes light up when you see daddy.
That you don't mind being held by other people, but after awhile, you only want me.
That I get to call you my daughter.
Watching you discover your hands.
The sucking noise you make when you're hungry.
The way you smell.
When you bury your face in my chest to get comfortable.
The way your little fist clutches the collar of my shirt when I carry you.
When you hold my pinky while I'm holding your bottle.
When your chubby cheeks bounce in your car seat when we go over a bump.
That you don't really like your swing or bouncer. I prefer to hold you anyway.
That you think it's funny when the dogs lick you, cause I can't get them to stop!
The happiness you've brought our family.
Your funny little personality that's starting to show through.
Watching daddy try to make you laugh. You're getting so close!!
Your beautiful long eyelashes and heart shaped lips.
That you've helped me learn to trust in God's provision.
All of your many many MANY baby fat rolls.
How artistic and elegant your little hands always look.
That your existence is proof of God's power and perfect timing.


  1. Precious! Love those cheeks!!

  2. Crying ... hard... loving you and your new little family!!! So much love!!!

  3. Totally not into the motherhood thing personally, but I'm so happy that you've been able to find your joy in your family and all of the little things your daughter does. She is very lucky to have been given a home with people who would stop at nothing to give her love and a bright future.


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