Saturday, February 8, 2014


I've been calling our daughter "baby girl" on our blog in an attempt to give her a bit of personal privacy (babies need privacy too) but it sounds...impersonal. I thought about calling her "V" her first initial (teaser) but it sounds kinda like a super villain. Haha!! Am I right!? So I've waited patiently for her personality to show through and produce a nickname. And so, from hence forth, in blogging world, she will be known as "Squeaks", and here's why. (video won't work on mobile devices)

This is her sleepy sound. She usually makes it when she's wrapped in her sling and in a deep sleep. I love it!!

Today was also her one month birthday!! We spent the day with lots of friends, first at a bridal shower and then at Punkin's third birthday party (stop growing up!!!). Squeaks slept in her wrap most of the time, but if she had been awake she would have heard all the oohs and ahhs at how beautiful she is. People say "she's gorgeous!" And I always say "thank you!" As if I had something to do with it. But 
I feel like I do! She grew in my heart, she's absorbing my love, I have to think that shows through. Her beautiful birth mom gave her those big wonderful eyes, pouty lips, and adorable nose. Part of me is in there too though. A BIG part of my heart.


  1. that name is sweet! love the sweet noises coming out of her.


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